Your deleted files are not really deleted!

As more than a million of Pandora Recovery users have witnessed, modern-day software can recover deleted files and folders with nearly 100% success rate. If you are sharing media, such as USB jump drives, memory sticks, memory cards, iPod, Zune or some other A/V player, digital camera or camcorder you are sharing your history as well.

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Easy to use.

Data Recycler implements a wizard-like interface which makes it as easy to use as possible. Once the application starts the user simply needs to select the target drive and click a single button. It's that easy!

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File type and media independent.

The success of Data Recycler does not depend on type of the file or media that is being targeted. Data Recycler erases every deleted file from your drive regardless of the file type. Nothing is left behind. Period. And it works on any type of drive or removable media. .

Windows 7™, Vista™ or XP™.

Data Recycler can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

Protects your privacy and trade secrets.

Data Recycler protects you by permanently erasing the deleted content. No software application will be able to successfully recover any deleted files from the drive once in has been cleaned with Data Recycler.

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100% guaranteed.

The success of Data Recycler can be easily verified. If any software product successfully recovers the content of any file you are entitled to full refund.

Progress report.

While the operation can take some time Data Recycler updates its progress report every second

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